Galway Job Opportunities Continue to Rise…

Galway Job Opportunities Continue to Rise…

In some excellent news, Galway saw an 11% rise in the number of job opportunities offered in 2021 and further growth is expected in the coming year! This is according to new figures released by leading Irish recruitment company, FRS Recruitment!

The recovery in employment was felt throughout the economy last year, with Galway performing in line with the national trend. Nationally, FRS Recruitment saw the total number of job postings handled grow by 12%, reaching 81,528 in total for 2021.

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Across the economy, the rise in openings was cross sectoral with significant growth experienced in the commercial, IT, healthcare, construction, life sciences and engineering, agricultural sectors as well as temporary industrial and commercial positions.

Among the career areas where FRS Recruitment recorded the largest rises in activity during 2021 were retail (up 117%), transport and logistics (up 82%), pharmacy retail (up 69%), professional services (up 68%) and banking and financial services (up 58%).

In total, 20 of the 26 counties in the Republic of Ireland saw the number of job postings rise significantly, with the largest increases being seen in Longford (up 158%), Carlow (up 117%), Kilkenny (up 79%), Meath (up 76%), Louth (up 72%) and Cork (up 60%). Dublin also experienced strong growth (up 39%) and accounted for by the largest number of postings, 21% of the national total.

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FRS Recruitment is also forecasting further employment growth in 2022, with opportunities expected to rise by 10% over the next 12 months. This will be buoyed by the ongoing recovery of the economy across most sectors, leading to the majority of employers seeking additional staff as they look to grow their businesses and address skills shortages. In particular FRS Recruitment is forecasting strong demand in manufacturing and engineering, construction and IT roles this year.

The information was published in FRS Recruitment’s end of year report, Job Opportunities Abound.

Speaking about the report Lynne McCormack, General Manager of FRS Recruitment said, "Last year was a very strong year for recruitment in Galway. We recorded an 11% jump in the number of roles handled locally, which in line with the rise we witnessed across the economy."

"FRS Recruitment also expects to see further growth in job opportunities in Galway over the coming year. We are projecting a further 10% rise in the total number of roles handled nationally and we would anticipate Galway will share in that growth. There should be significant movement across the economy with employers looking very closely at their resourcing needs as they seek to grow and expand their organisations and address any current and projected staff shortages."

“While in 2021 it was a few months into the year and post the lockdown before the recovery in employment began in earnest, this year FRS Recruitment anticipates demand will be strong right from the outset. This will be particularly apparent in the manufacturing and engineering, construction and IT sectors, but increased demand is likely to be shared across most sections of the economy.

“In some sectors the need for experienced, skilled personnel is also becoming challenging, with employers finding it difficult to attract suitable candidates. This is likely to lead to pressure on salary packages as employers compete to attract the best personnel and retain their current teams. We also believe there is likely to be an increased focus on attracting foreign based qualified candidates to meet shortfalls in some sectors. However the trend is looking very positive in terms of job openings for the coming year and we believe that will be the experience in Galway and most other parts of the country,” Ms McCormack concluded.

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