Galway City Culture Night 2022: Your Guide to the Craic

Galway City Culture Night 2022: Your Guide to the Craic

If you’re struggling to decide where you should spend your evening on Galway City Culture Night, you’re not alone. Keep reading and have a look at some of the programs happening on Culture Night.

This night is truly a manifestation of the artistic diversity and culture that Galway is known for. With over 50 events and 200 participating artists, we can already feel the hum of the city now. Below, we’ve pulled together a list of our favourite events. 

From literature and art performances to dream-like street festivals, you’re sure to find something on throughout the night. 

Just Art It 

Street view of Just Art It enterance
Early in the evening down in the Westend, Just Art It will be holding hands-on print demonstrations. Take this chance to explore your creativity and immerse yourself in the artwork of printmaking. From 5pm, visual artist Elena Santos will lead a demonstration and discussion surrounding the practice. We know that there’s a creative spark inside all of us, Just Art It knows too! The creative community's ethos surrounds everyone's personal connection to their own creativity. Start Galway City Culture Night off right by making that connection. 

Cartoon Fest Kickoff

Galway’s Cartoon Festival will launch their 2022 Festival Programme at the Galway City Distillery. From 6pm the exhibition of Moon Cartoons is the culmination of artists, animators, and illustrators coming together for a night of great fun. This is a chance to catch a preview of the upcoming festival. Throughout the night get your caricature drawn, create a cartoon, and immerse yourself in the world of animation. An interactive experience with art and the artists, Moon Cartoons will be an electric event that brings us closer to the processes of illustration. 

A Galway Night in the Museum

Galway City Museum
In many ways, history and culture are one in the same. When understanding the culture of a city, it’s helpful to also understand the history. On Galway City Culture Night, The Galway Museums will stay open late, and we encourage you to explore the halls throughout the day and into evening! The museum will open at 10 am and close at 8pm, giving you the chance to stay there a little longer. Wander through the galleries and soak up the culture of Galway's past, and once finished experience the culture of the present. 

The Poetry, the Fiction, and the Play

Poetry is meant to be heard. Words are meant to be spoken. And truth is meant to be told. You can find all these forms of storytelling in Galway from 6 to 8pm at the Galway City Library. Come listen to the poetry and fiction of writers Jimi McDonnell, Aoibheann McCann, Sacha White, and Simon Costello. Following the readings a short play written by Anthony Daly will be performed. A captivating experience that combines both art and performance, this is one more thing on an ever expanding list of events you can’t miss. 

The Women of the 1916

As said before, history and culture are synonymous, and deeply intertwined. In Galway this is especially true. On Culture Night, take the opportunity to seek out the history in conjunction with the culture. Nuala Nolan presents The Women of the 1916 Easter Rising, A Marcus Howard documentary surrounding the true stories of the women embedded in the history of the Easter Rising. Starting at 8pm, the Galway Mechanics Institute will be screening the documentary sharing the story of a cross-section of women, and how they were represented in an integral and world-altering moment in time. 

Gaeltacht in the City - Street Spectacle 

Scenes from a street festival in Galway
Like any pilgrimage, the end offers a sense of retrospection. And although worn and tired, the triumph of completion sustains. The end of Galway City Culture Night is no different. Finish the evening with the absolute culmination of Galway culture. From 8pm onward, Middle Street will be transformed into a carnivalesque pop-up Gaelteacht. Almost as if walking around a night circus, the street festival will cultivate an entirely transformed space. Fully complete with anything and everything you can imagine, this is the pinnacle of Galway culture. Free of charge, Gaeltacht in the City is a must see event. Combining history, trad music, fantastically surreal performance art pieces, and the launch of Caife an Taibhdhearc, take this chance to fully immerse yourself in the heart of Galway City. 


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