Sound Bath – Relaxation & Mindfulness

Relax deeply with the sounds of singing bowls and gongs. A 90min group relaxation with sound and Nidra yoga relaxation.

Experience calm and free yourself from worries or stress. Enter a state of deep relaxation and meditation. Allow yourself to rest and be held by soothing sounds and vibrations of singing bowls and gongs while the mind gently drifts away and the body becomes lighter. It is an effortless way to enter meditation state and very relaxing too. No previous experience is needed. Just lie down, close your eyes and let the sounds do their magic.

This practice will not only give you a chance to relax and contemplate but also results in many health benefits, such as: boosting the immune system, releasing endorphins, pain reduction, helping with insomnia, lowering stress and anxiety, slowing down and normalizing breathing patterns and heart rate, relaxing muscles, generating more self-acceptance, self-awareness, compassion and love.

Mindfulness Heaven Galway will provide all the equipment necessary to provide you with comfortable relaxation but if you need your own pillow or extra padding under your back feel free to bring it along. Wear comfortable but warm clothes; the space is warm, but you will be lying down for 90 min so you may get chilly.

Cost €20 per session or 4 sessions for €70. Bookings must be made in advance as places are limited.

For more information call 0851386529 or visit website