She Crashes in and Fizzles Out (IN PERSON)

Jojo Hynes has created an exhibition as part of Baboró Children’s Arts Festival, inspired by the stories of female water deities throughout the world. Become immersed in film, sound, painting and drawing in this exhibition. Exploring the myth and mystery of these once revered goddesses who crashed in and fizzled out of our collective memory like water lapping the shore.


Public tickets for this exhibition will be available one week prior to the festival.

Galway-based Baboró International Arts Festival for Children is Ireland’s flagship international arts festival devoted exclusively to young audiences, their families and their schools. This year’s innovative programme will bring live performances, visual art installations and interactive digital experiences to children, their friends and families over an extended two week period. With a stunning schedule of music, arts, theatres, workshops and more, there’s plenty to choose from at the 24th Baboró Festival.