Pauline Scanlon & Nicola Joyce of The Whileaways

The Swallow’s Song:

An evening with Pauline Scanlon, Nicola Joyce, Fabian Joyce and Eoin Wynne.

Pauline Scanlon is capable of making the oldest ballads sound immediate and fresh, while granting newer material a timeless resonance. Her voice is “a superb mix of china cup fragility and steely strength” (The Irish Times).

In this collaboration she is well met by fellow songstress Nicola Joyce (The Whileaways). “Joyce is a magnificent vocalist who sings with sheer beauty and poignancy” (Wall Street Journal).

Joined by the unique voice of Eoin Wynne (guitar & banjo) and the sensitive accompaniment and singing of Fabian Joyce (guitar), this quartet of song lovers present an evening of shared songs both old and new. A tightly woven tapestry that promises to be a listening pleasure for all who appreciate the tender intricacies of song and story.