This is a resolutely New Orleans style from the beginnings of jazz. You’ve found the hottest band to do the earliest jazz in years.

The New Orleans Swamp Donkeys are an extremely versatile group of young musicians who play traditional jass, blues, vaudeville, original music, modern jazz adaptations, and many other jazz and New Orleans-derived styles. They started in the authentic, New Orleans, grassroots music scene, playing local festivals and second lines, and transitioned into world-class music programs, festivals, and events, playing in concerts all over the globe. Their sound is enormously accessible with their frontman, the Louis Armstrong-sounding, soulful and sweet James Williams.

Featuring an all-star cast of fresh, brilliant musicians, The New Orleans Swamp Donkeys bring a remarkable, diverse appearance and sound to the stage with members current and past hailing from around the USA and the world. These are passionate jazz musicians who love the style of a hot 1910s New Orleans speakeasy, all at once resoundingly joyous and independent, soulful and rebellious. Welcome to Original Jass with the New Orleans Swamp Donkeys.

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