Let’s Doodle!

Join this fun drawing activity in Spanish with artist Elena Santos at Just Art It, where you will explore the art of drawing in a safe and relaxed atmosphere. You will learn how to make intricate patterns and doodles in large scale papers.

Elena Santos is a professional visual artist, qualified art teacher and printmaker with over fifteen years experience. She graduated from both the Art School of Oviedo and the University of Salamanca with MA qualification in Fine Arts. Over the years she has participated in various exhibitions and she has collaborated with many art and cultural projects in Galway and abroad. Elena operates from Just Art It, her own business and studio workspace which she opened in 2017.

Just Art It is both an art shop and workshop space situated at 33 Dominick Street Lower in Galway’s West End. This beautiful store offers specialised art materials and printmaking facilities, as well as art classes, workshops and cultural events throughout the year.

This event is part of the Mother Tongues Festival 2019.