Kenny Roby

“The world’s a better place with 6 String Drag in it.” – Steve Earle

“‘Memories & Birds’ by North Carolina songwriter Kenny Roby floored me” – Citizen Cope in American Songwriter

“So thrilled to have 6 String Drag back again. They’re as great as ever. Like reconnecting with a long lost friend.” – Patterson Hood (Drive-By Truckers)

“6 String Drag are one of the best American bands of the last 20 years” – Neal Casal (Chris Robinson Brotherhood/Circles Around The Sun)

Not many bands can pick up where they left off after 17 years and make an album that stands with their best work. Fewer still can reconvene three years after that and do it again, but 6 String Drag scored a winning comeback effort with 2015’s Roots Rock ‘N’ Roll, and they’ve made lightning strike twice with 2018’s Top of the World. Kenny Roby’s vocals are passionate and full-bodied, with his smoky twang showing enough flexibility to embrace the country, R&B, and rock influences that power these songs. And Roby’s songwriting doesn’t miss a trick, documenting youthful misbehavior and the difficulties of adult relationships with equal intelligence; he still sounds utterly awestruck by the beautiful woman in “Every Time She Walks on By” just as he’s trying to figure out how to win her over in “Let’s Fool Around Til the End of the World.” – ALL MUSIC

“A pair of deeply satisfying albums – including Top of the World, released earlier in March on Schoolkids Records – that sound as though the band never went anywhere.” — ROLLING STONE COUNTRY

Roby’s new material is filled with kaleidoscopic memories of younger, more daring days, but there are also songs streaked with troubled and failed relationships, and the wear of an adult’s daily grind. Much of the discord is camouflaged behind poetic lyrics and melodies that belie the personal gravity. As with the band’s original incarnation, the musical influences cast a wide net. There are Brill Building flourishes of backbeat and baritone guitar, vocal hooks that suggest Dwight Twilley and Tom Petty, pop punk, pub rock, and psych flavors in both the somnambulistic title track and the faded “Waste of Time.” – NO DEPRESSION