Joel Baker

Well hello. My name is Joel. You probably don’t know much about me… so let’s start at the start.

I grew up in a city called Nottingham. Robin Hood and all that. Although I’ve lost my accent until I say words like umbrella. North Americans tell me Nottingham is also the name of a film starring Julia Roberts & Hugh Grant. I just go along with it.

One day a long, long time ago my Dad told me to listen to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon. That night I listened to the whole thing on my Walkman under my Simpsons duvet and it changed my life completely. I discovered for a moment I was free, and I’ve been chasing that feeling ever since.

Now I’m spending my days putting together an album and professionally “escaping reality” in the hope that others will listen and be able to do the same.

I should probably also include some other random facts that I couldn’t quite fit into the story. I’m obsessed with Reggae Reggae sauce. I love melancholy. I’m aroused by brand new Moleskin journals. My friends are all taller than me and it’s making me anxious about my future wedding photos. I still watch the Christmukkah episodes of the O.C every Christmas. I once ate smelly ass fish & chips in David Cameron’s office and dropped some down the sofa. If anyone reading this knows Christina Milian please tell her I’m interested in starting a relationship. I usually tell people I’m 1/16th Portuguese but I’m really not sure if it’s true. My Grandad is my hero. I have Kanye West’s Time cover framed in my room. Each night I kiss it and recite the first verse lyrics to ‘Power’ in the mirror. Okay that last sentence was a lie. Well. You should go listen to my music now. Bye.

Love, Joel