Electric Eel Shock

Electric Eel Shock are a glorious celebration of Classic Rock, Punk and Metal. A true power trio who make fresh and unique music with an attitude from the time before rock became fractured into a diverse multitude of sub-genres and we were all still one big happy rock & roll family.
EES left their native Japan in 1999 to see what they could make of America and they have been on a near constant world tour ever since. Things stepped up a gear in early 2004 with the release of their first commercially available album Go Europe! By this time EES had already toured 27 countries on three continents and had little difficulty licensing this album to several labels around the world.

Follow up album BEAT ME was written between EES’s 27 festival appearances in the summer of 2004 and recording was completed early 2005 in Holland with legendary producer Attie Bauw (Judas Preist, Scorpians, Bootsy Collins etc).

“BEAT ME occupies the gaping void somewhere between Queens Of The Stoneage, AC/DC and Black Sabbath. It’s both as heavy and serious as that sounds… Yet has a mischievous and fun-filled heart.”

EES continued to conquer the international musical scene step by step throughout 2005 and the three-man rock phenomenon doesn’t look close to letting up in 2006 as critical acclaim and commercial success for BEAT ME continues to grow around the world.

Image Credit: Sean McCormack [The Thin Air]