Drumming Workshop

Barra O’ Flanniagh is a Sligo based musician, teacher and lover of Malinké dundun and djembe music. Over the past 8 years his school ‘Slí na Cro – Malinké music of upper Guinea’ has grown to become the go-to place for newcomers to semi-professional players and all in between looking to further their training and understanding in traditional village style Malinké percussion & song from upper Guinea, West Africa. Both the weekly classes and monthly weekend workshops in the Slí Roundhouse Center are attended by enthusiasts from across the country.

Slí na Croí will be running a 60min dundun & djembe workshop. The workshop will be open level which means no previous drumming experience is necessary to take part. All the instruments will be provided. The drumming is very accessible and quite often people surprise themselves as to how much so. Expect lots of laughs, high energy and a great opportunity to connect through vibration!

This event is part of the Mother Tongues Festival 2019.