Calamity Jane

Starring Doris Day as the titular gun-toting, whip-cracking wild west whirlwind, Calamity Jane is a classic Golden Age musical. Reissued on a new digital print featuring sing-a-long subtitles, audiences will get a new experience of the Old West; joining in with the Oscar-winning musical numbers and taking-in the Technicolor scenery.
Deadwood City, deep in Dakota territory, is largely the abode of men. But Calamity Jane is as hard-riding, boastful and handy with a gun as any; a blowhard frontier scout with an itchy trigger finger and a big mouth.

Calamity’s grandstanding gets her in trouble when she promises to save the reputation of the local saloon by recruiting a beautiful singer all the way from the grand theatres of Chicago. The town’s latest arrival brings new life to Deadwood, but threatens disaster for Calamity when she catches the eye of Wild Bill Hickok and Jane’s sweetheart, Lieutenant Danny Gilmartin.