Baboró: Local Legends Laboratory

Hosted by Baboró’s Art Festival for Children, Local Legends Laboratory will take inspiration from local myths and waterways to bring an interactive storytelling session to your child. Using improvised storytelling activities and visual art, you will have fun bringing your new lore alive. New stories will be created collaboratively inspired by water and who might live beneath the surface. Artworks will then be created inspired by the stories.

Jojo’s workshops often explore the themes of local/place, myths, cultural identity and link socio-political issues to arts education, which leads to increased group engagement, a positive collaborative environment, and celebrates each person as an individual.

AGES 9 TO 12 YRS. (A parent/guardian must accompany the child/children on the Zoom call for the duration of the event).


Galway-based Baboró International Arts Festival for Children is Ireland’s flagship international arts festival devoted exclusively to young audiences, their families and their schools. This year’s innovative programme will bring live performances, visual art installations and interactive digital experiences to children, their friends and families over an extended two week period. With a stunning schedule of music, arts, theatres, workshops and more, there’s plenty to choose from at the 24th Baboró Festival.

Jojo Hynes is a collaborative artist, performer and facilitator with over a decade of experience working with a variety of organisations. She is passionate about a collaborative practice that empowers people. She believes in participatory projects that focus on the skills of questioning and exploration through the arts so that participants in turn become confident in their own abilities.