The Burgerstory American diner-inspired restaurant serving real burgers, fried chicken and hard 'n' soft shakes!

The Burgerstory started out life as a Food Truck called “Harlowe“ and toured Ireland’s festival scene as so many do. Festival life was great but we wanted to bring the burgers home to Galway so we saw an opportunity to use Deliveroo to get our tasty burgers to locals. This went down a treat so naturally the next step was 2 successful popups and finally our own place to lay down our roots!

At The Burgerstory we place our focus on serving authentic burgers, fried chicken, both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ shakes and sides. The menu makes extensive use of high-end Irish and locally produced ingredients, including McCarthy’s of Kanturk black pudding in the signature “Damnation Burger” and Colleran’s bacon in the Bacon Cheeseburger, while the 100% grass-fed Hereford beef is from Collerans Butchers and the ethically-reared chicken is from The Friendly Farmer. The selection of sides features choices such as Chili Cheese Fries and Bacon Cheese Fries. It’s about the classics done right.

Address : 1 Quay Lane, Latin Quarter, GalwayPhone : +353 (0)85 7352087

Hours : Monday - Sunday: 12pm - 10pm


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