Easy Ways to go Vegan
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Easy Ways to go Vegan

Changing your diet and shopping habits sounds difficult but we promise you this; with the right tricks and treats you'll discover the joy of going vegan and you won't look back!

It can be daunting to completely switch up your lifestyle so when you're going vegan this year just do your best with it. It's alright if you make mistakes, whether you misread a label or buy the wrong type of products. Just go at your own pace and you will soon find yourself falling in love with all the vegan goodness you find.

Here's a few tips from us to help get you going on your Veganuary journey....

TGO Vegan Food


At Greens & Co you'll be spoilt for choice of scrumptious foods as they have all the gorgeous green goodness you could ever want. With fresh salads and wraps, and inventive vegan foods such as their scrambled tofu and pancakes with aubergine bacon. Whatever you choose, it's pure vegan foodie bliss!

It's 100% plant based comfort food at Vegano Deli. Their selection of bakery goods change on a regular basis so you're guaranteed to find new favourites everything you enter the store, from the vegano mushroom and sage sausage rolls to vegano burrito packed with vegano cheese sauce, roasted mushrooms, crispy hash browns, sundried tomatoes and your choice of vegano seitan.

Loved by vegans and non vegans alike, The Gourmet Offensive is a vegetarian fast food concept with loads of vegan options. They combine fresh, organic produce from local supplies and transform them into mouth-watering dishes bursting with flavours, texture and colour. Their menu is full of rich flavours and zingy sauces. Vibrant curries, warming hotpots and tasty falafels wraps, it's the perfect spot to grab some vegan grub on the go.

The social spot at Café Temple are dedicated to serving quality food and drink. After a Temple's Vegan Breakfast Ciabatta and you'll be ready to take on the day. If you're not sure what to try, just ask the fab team who will be more than happy to share their favourites with you. On their website they share their delicious recipes so you can enjoy some of these tasty vegan treats at home.

Sustainable Shopping The Filling Station


If you're starting out and have no idea where to begin looking for sustainable, eco friendly and vegan products, don't panic. Galway has tons of fantastic store that cut back on the unnecessary packaging so you get all your weekly essentials without all the waste. Located in the heart of Galway's Westend, Ernies has been our go to stop for local produce that is fresh, tasty and nutritious. They stock delicious fine foods that will allow to enjoy the change in your diet all without compromising on great taste.  It's truly a organic grocery store like no other!

Green Earth Organics is a lifesaver when it comes to getting your weekly shop sorted. Their website stock over 200 certified organic products with a whole section devoted to vegan products. They also run a blog where you can be inspired by the new recipes, and keep up to date on all the latest happenings from the GEO farm.

Evergreen stock a huge range of vegan-approved products. Start on a new vegan skincare regime that will treat all your skin needs with the best ingredients without causing any harm to animals. Evergreen have a vast selection vegan beauty and skincare from brands such as Kinvara, Sukin, and Faith in Nature.


The Filling Station is a fab Galway Eco Store that allows you to reduce your consumption of single use plastics. Simply bring your own jar or container, fill them with The Filling Station's vast range of food, household and personal products, weigh them and pay. Easy! Try out going zero waste for the month with helpful products such as their reusable make up pads, biodegradable toothbrush and more.

Go Vegan Ethical Fashion


At Grey and Ginger Clothing they sell 100% organic cotton t-shirts and sweaters adorned with gorgeous designs. Each of these striking wearable art pieces are vegan and use certified organic textiles. Check out the blog on their website to discover the amazing stories behind every design.

Discover your style at Public Romance, where you can find everything from classy vintage pieces to their upcycled clothing. At Public Romance they alter and re-make vintage pieces in line with current trends, breathing life into old materials to give them a gorgeous new appearance that adds a touch of uniqueness to each piece.

By working with local artists, designers and creatives, the fashion at Story Tailors uses 100% organic cotton and local designs to focus on sustainability. The contemporary street style at Story Tailors can give your wardrobe a fantastic glow up without causing any harm to the environment.

Aplomb Menswear is a brand new addition to Galway's bohemian Westend, with an aim is to showcase sustainable fashion from across Europe and from a bit closer to home. Featuring brands like Irish Socksciety and Nu-In, which uses recycled materials in all their clothing in order to minimise its impact on the environment and protect the planet.

Go Vegan Inspo
Photo by Boyd Challenger


Remember while trying to go vegan that there it is a huge community of people that can support and motivate you. You don't have to give up your favourite foods, just make a few adjustments to make it vegan and there are plenty of alternatives out there that you haven't tried yet. Try engaging with some inspiring social media accounts  to get the information and motivation you need to get you going on this journey. Head over to Instagram and check out @papermachemind, to get an insiders look at Erin's exciting new projects and ideas that'll help keep you motivated and help you connect with others in the community. The vegan foodie account @fussyvegan, will introduce you to new vegan foods and they'll share some delicious recipes for you to try at home. If you have no idea where to start head over to @veganlife.ie, they have loads of wonderful tips and guides for starting on this journey. They also share their thoughts on different vegan products finds, making your start on this journey a breeze.

Every little swap makes a difference so why not give it a go. Go vegan for January and keep us updated on how you're getting on!

Go Vegan for January