Cool Off with Galway’s Best Iced Drinks
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Cool Off with Galway’s Best Iced Drinks

Once the clouds clear and the sun’s out there’s really no better place to be than in Galway. Sitting outside, soaking in those precious rays of sunshine with an ice cold drink and good company - priceless. We want to make sure you don’t have to wander too far to get your fix so here’s our guide to the best summer drinks available in Galway.

Read on for our favourite spots to get a refreshingly cold drink..

Espresso 44 Iced Coffee

Espresso 44

We don’t know about you but an iced coffee from Espresso 44 can make our day.  Get your iced coffee of choice over ice or blended into a yummy frappe with the addition of a caramel, hazelnut, vanilla, mint or chocolate syrup. Soaking in the buzz of shop street as you sip away on caramel latte over ice is a sweet sweet way to start off the day.
44 William St, Galway // more here

Little Lane Coffee Company

For an iced coffee with a little twist, Little Lane Coffee Company's espresso tonics are one of a kind! Made with Ethopian espresso and blood orange and elderflower tonic water, one sip and you'll be coming back to order it again and again. These drinks are only on the menu for a limited time so be sure you try them for yourself next time you're passing. The team here are passionate about what they do so don't be surprised if you see they change their menu to make space for their latest iced coffee creations.
10 Abbeygate St Upper, Galway // more here


It’s always iced coffee time at Niche. Sunshine, rain or hail, their iced coffees are always a welcome addition to any day.  And if you love Niche’s flavoured hot chocolates then you simply must try them on ice! These are ideal pick-me-up drinks and Niche’s iced chocolate specials are every chocoholics dream.
The Old Barracks, Vicar St, Tuam, Galway // more here

Ground & Co

When the weather’s good, there’s no better place to be than soaking in the sun by Salthill’s Prom, enjoying a few takeaway goodies from Ground & Co. A re-energising sweet smoothie or a healthy fruit juice straight from their fridge will work wonders against the heat. They also serve loads of tasty iced coffees which are perfect for savouring cool coffee flavours in the gorgeous Galway weather.
Atlantiquaria Toft Park, Salthill, Galway // more here 

Urban Grind Smoothie

Urban Grind

Enjoy a range of chilled goodness at Urban Grind. They’ve everything from iced coffees and fresh smoothies to a fridge stocked with fruit juices. The café’s closeness to the Small Crane square means you can stock up on cool drinks and snacks and head out to catch the evening sunshine and soak in the buzz of the area.
8 William St West, Galway // more here

Arabica Café

Relax with a delicious creamy milkshake from Arabica Café, they have a variety of flavours to choose from so you can try a new one each time you visit. Options include Oreo, smarties, strawberry, caramel, banana and more. However if you’re loyal to an iced coffee, at Arabica they ensure a 100% feel good experience as all their coffees are made fresh using quality fair trade coffee.
58 Dominick St Lower, Galway // more here

The Secret Garden

Galway’s Secret Garden is the ideal spot to treat yourself to a refreshing cold drink and tan yourself outside in their garden area. Their milkshakes are a delicious addition to a busy day, or if you’re feeling a bit down, ask the friendly team for one of their colourful fruity smoothies - it really will work wonders on your mood!
4 William St West, Galway // more here

Renzo Gallery Café

If you find yourself in dire need of a few refreshments while you are strolling about Galway city, be sure to pay a visit to Renzo Gallery Café. The team combines only the best produce to make their incredibly re-energising fruity cold drinks, so why not treat yourself to a smoothie that just pops with colour.
32 Eyre St, Galway // more here 

Roots Café & Bistro

Roots Café & Bistro offers tons of cold drink option that make for the perfect sweet treat for sipping away on as you’re out taking in all of Galway’s gorgeous sights. From the reliable iced coffee to their fresh fruity smoothies, there's no end of choice of cool beverages to be enjoyed at the 7 different Roots locations across Galway. You can enjoy a new blend each time you pop in for a casual lunch when you're out with friends.
Various locations across Galway // more here 

Chef’s Café

The ice cream parlour at Chef’s Café means only one thing - deliciously cool options on their drink menu! They’ve got freshly squeezed orange juice and chocolate, vanilla and strawberry milkshakes, all of which are made using Irish produced Glenown 100% dairy ice-cream. You’re guaranteed a refreshingly cool time at Chef’s Café.
Unit 3, Croí an Bhaile, Craughwell, Galway // more here

Chefs Café Orange Juice

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