Christmas at Treasure Chest

Christmas at Treasure Chest

Step in out of the cold and into the festive wonderland of Treasure Chest. It’s a one stop haven of all the Christmas goodies you need to give your home a festive glow up.

The faces of onlookers are filled with anticipation, intrigue and excitement. Browsing the magical treasures around the store, never knowing what they will discover next. Conversation of reunion and delight rings through the air as customers reunite with staff, exchanging Christmas greetings and well wishes.

Walking up amongst the buzz of Shop Street, you can’t help being drawn into this iconic gift store. Decorative window displays hint at the treasures that can be found within. The large festive figurines draw your attention to the colourful tree that stands by the doorway illuminating all the merriness to be found within. All dressed in gold tinsel, candy canes, glowing lights and ruby red baubles. Upon entering, you ascend into a magical world filled with a colourful array of beautiful gifts and cheery decorations. The overwhelming joy of the Christmas season can be found in the bustle of activity surrounding the Christmas floor of Treasure Chest.

Rob Smyth
Photo by Rob Smyth

Shelves are packed with smiling Santa Clauses with overflowing bags of presents, and red breasted robins all dressed up in bright red hats and warm scarves. Plush Santas and snowmen are dotted throughout the store with a family of plush carol singers standing at the doorway, greeting all those who enter. The pure white Snowbabies make for a unique gift, each one symbolising a different sentiment of love, inspiration or friendship. In amongst the festive shelves of Treasure Chest you’ll find the beautiful crafts of Jim Shore, enchanting Disney figurines, radiant Santas and charming nativity sets. For post-Christmas dinner activities, relax next to the fireplace with a ‘Santa’s Workshop’ jigsaw puzzle.

The most exciting part of Christmas Day is the festive dinner, the table overflowing with delicious food and drink. All the preparations that go into making the meal deserve to be presented with a touch of elegance and grandeur. At Treasure Chest you will find beautiful festive tableware, with dishes and cups that are embellished with Christmas trees and baubles. Sarah Miller’s Christmas geese enhance endearing cutlery sets. The gorgeous seasonal garland and poinsettia adorn runners and cushions. Decorate your table with vibrant reds and deep greens, everything you need for a gorgeous festive experience at home can be found at this iconic store.

Treasure Chest by Kate Nolan
Kate Nolan Photography

Ever since it was first established in 1966 by Mary Bennett and her family, everyone who has stepped into this emporium of gifts and souvenirs has been met with warm greetings and received personal care, making each visit a valuable memory of their time spent in the City of Tribes. Over the years it has been refurbished and carefully molded into the lovely three stores of fashion, gifts and Christmas merriment it is today.

Celebrate all life treasures this year on the Christmas floor of 31 William Street. Open from 10.30 to 5.30pm you can indulge in the spirit of the season in store or order all your festive delights from the comfort of home from their website. Christmas just simply wouldn’t be the same without some gorgeous delights from this bright trove of wonders.

Feature Photo by Kate Nolan Photography