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Open the Door Put your puzzle-solving abilities to the test...

Open the Door Escape Rooms builds on Galway’s love of puzzle-rooms with specially-designed hour long experiences! Escape rooms are a fun way to pass an a couple hours with friends, and a great way to promote teamwork among co-workers.

At Open the Door, players have a limited amount of time to solve a series of puzzles placed in their room. Look for clues, use objects, solve jigsaws: any object in the room could be essential to your escape, or it could be a red herring!

The Open Door has just opened with their first room, ‘Escape from Black Castle’. Two new rooms are coming very soon! Book ahead with friends or check their walk-in hours for an impromptu game.

Address : 4 Prospect Hill, GalwayPhone : 091 450192

Hours : Monday - Friday: 4pm - 8pm | Saturday/Sunday: 2pm - 8pm

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