12 Reasons to add Tiny Traders to your Christmas Shopping List

12 Reasons to add Tiny Traders to your Christmas Shopping List

It's the last weekend of gift shopping before Christmas, and we reckon you should include a visit to Tiny Traders Village on Burke's Lane in Galway's Westend on your shopping list! Here are 12 reasons why...


Markets are great fun, getting rained on however is not so much fun! Those of you who like to stay dry as you browse are in luck as the vast majority of the non-food stalls are indoors under cover and fully sheltered from the worst elements our West of Ireland climate likes to throw at us. In a country where attendances for almost anything are heavily dependant on the weather, we're happy to say you can potter around Tiny Traders Village for as long as you want without having to worry about the heavens opening up on you. It is Galway though and you do have to make the trip down to Burke's Lane in Galway's Westend, so it's probably advisable to bring a decent jacket... just in case!


We've all become a little hipster in Ireland these days, haven't we?! Well Galway is arguably the most hipster city in the country, and Galway's Westend is arguably the most hipster part of Galway! So, if you're looking to dip your toe in hipster life or just want to further solidify your current hipster status, you need look no further than Tiny Traders Village! Tiny Traders has been home to vegan burgers, barista buses, cruelty free cosmetics, locally grown organic microgreens, zero waste mini shops, upcycled furniture and crafts, innovative musical instruments, dairy free coffee, recycled fashion, minimalist decoration and many more things years before they ever became mainstream! Basically, it's a goldmine for hipster one-upmanship! With each new trader that joins Tiny Traders Village offering the latest products that are so cool you simply have to get them before your friends do, there's always fresh opportunity for their customers to be the one that stands out from the crowd.


Throughout the years they've had traders, artists and collaborators from each and every corner of the globe. On any given market day you'll find a roster boasting people from as far away as South Africa, Asia, North America, and all over Europe. Galway has always been an ebullient mix of cultures from all around the World and its embrace of multiculturalism has added much to the already strong cultural pedigree of the city. Tiny Traders Village has often been described as a microcosm of Galway city and when it comes to multiculturalism it most certainly does not fall short. It's not so often we get to experience genuinely authentic crafts, food, music or fashion from far away cultures so it's exciting for Tiny Traders Village to showcase and promote such interesting things!


Most markets don't even have one Magda...Not only do they have one in Tiny Traders, they actually have two beautiful, cheerful, energetic and talented Magdas and they can very often be seen side-by-side brightening the place up with their boundless enthusiasm and eye catching products. Magda from @rainbow_moon_jewellery is one of their longest serving traders and has been selling her beautiful earthy, colorful jewellery, stones and gems with the group since they started all the way back in 2017. Magda from @goddess_bath is with them since the summer and has been a fabulous addition to the community ever since. Her whipped soap, baths bombs and other handmade bathroom essentials are as pleasant to use as they are to look at! Great traders make great markets and these two are gems. At Tiny Traders, they can most definitely say that Two Magdas are better than One.

8. CAKE!

There's loads of lovely cake on offer at Tiny Traders Village. We don't think it needs any more explanation than that really... You'll just have to come and taste what the likes of @andyspelttreats_ and @omochroipastry can do to your tastebuds!


The Tiny Traders are a very friendly bunch and they can often be seen bopping away to their favorite tunes from the Tiny Traders Playlist. At Tiny Traders Village they very much encourage dancing; it's fun, it's good for the spirit, good for the soul and it's contagious... so customers are most welcome to come down and have a dance too if they feel like it!


Galway has long held the title of Ireland's Arts Capital. Tiny Traders Village showcases some of the best artists in the city and county in both their Market Events and The Culture Lotto, an initiative they set up in 2020 to encourage and increase local support for local Artists and Arts organizations. You can catch limited edition pieces from some of the coolest local artists around like @sickkittycat, @martisha_in_the_sea and @witchofpaintings on a regular basis at Tiny Traders Village.


In a World where mass production, QR codes, online shopping and social media businesses are the norm, the disconnect between producer and consumer has never been greater than it is today! The recent circumstantial reliance on doing everything digitally due to the global pandemic only served to widen that gap further. At Tiny Traders Village, however, you have the opportunity to not only browse a market full of products that are locally made but you also have the opportunity to meet and connect with the people who designed them! At Tiny Traders they believe the opportunity to learn about the skills, methods, ideas, inspirations and stories behind the products is a very valuable experience for both the makers and customers!


Tiny Traders offers an accessible, affordable platform for anybody to join, and with this comes the exciting prospect and possibility of being a launchpad for "next big thing". In their short time they've fostered, showcased, and promoted some of the very best local start-up food and beverage business such as Legume, Handsome Burger, BóTOWN, Álainn, All About Kombucha, Bubble Bee, Caribou, The Pie Maker, Barista Bus, Avo Nice Day, D and M Pies, Herterich's Butchers, Ember Firehouse, Galway Barista School, Sweet Nothings Cafe, Moycullen Green Foods and the The Pink Shop in Gort. Who knows, maybe the next generation could have as much success as the past ones did?!


As time progresses it seems like the list of things you can't buy is getting smaller and smaller, but one thing that cannot be bought is a strong genuine sense of togetherness and community. Since their very first markets in 2017 to their most recent ones last weekend, Tiny Traders Village has always been praised for having a lovely atmosphere. This is largely down to the fact that Tiny Traders has a strong and noticeable community spirit that it has created, built and fostered since its inception five years ago. In a society where globalism and individualism are to the fore more than ever before, it's important that community values and a sense of pride, culture and multiculturalism are still alive and well. From the traders, to the customers, to the suppliers, the venues and staff past and present all working together with a common and noble goal, Tiny Traders is a growing community that many call their own.


Support Local is a sentiment we see and hear on a regular basis and the more cynical of us may think it's just a phrase people use to get more business. On the contrary, there are very few things we could do to improve our towns, villages, cities and the livelihoods of people that live in them more than supporting local businesses!

We vote with our euros and where we choose to spend our money has a remarkable bearing on how we shape the places we live in. When we support local we give our money to our neighbors, our friends, our families, and people who live in the same locality as we do, meaning we actively participate in cultivating small grassroots, independent businesses that add to the uniqueness and culture of the area.

This year in Galway we have sadly lost many of the most interesting, ethical, customer-friendly businesses so it's very important that we recognize the role we play in keeping the things we like and want to have in the locality. Very few organizations embody the support local ethos as much as Tiny Traders Village, so if you're looking to support local, you won't go wrong by paying Tiny Traders a visit.


When all is said and done, the main attraction of any market will always be the items you can buy at it! At Tiny Traders Village there's a multitude of locally-made, unique, innovative, eye-catching and cool products ranging from art, jewellery, cosmetics, fresh produce, books, to rare vintage clothing, artisan food and more! There is something for everyone at Tiny Traders and at market prices too, meaning everything is more than affordable for the average shopper. When people can buy nice stuff at good prices, people are going to leave a market happy!

This weekend is the final weekend for Tiny Traders Village in 2022. You can catch them in the lane between Monroe's and Kashmir from 11am-4pm on Saturday, and 12pm-5pm on Sunday.

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