WestWork’s Theatre Company present: “Psychosis 4.48” by Sarah Kane

New trailblazing theatre outfit, WestWorks Theatre Company, invite Galway audiences to a visceral performative experience when they open Sarah Kane’s 4.48 Psychosis on April 16th.

“As compact and beautiful as a diamond in structure – and yet the mood it inspires is as black at coal”- Time out

Kane’s final play is a fearless and unorthodox portrait of an experience of clinical depression. WestWork’s production will present this controversial poetic text at 126 Gallery, exploring the fragmented narrative in a bold homage to its author. Audiences will witness a raw performance experience, with a text that tackles many taboos still ingrained in society in relation to both mental health and institutional treatments.

At points darkly humours and at others an ode to the fragile human condition, Kane’s controversial work finds new physicality, new life and prescribed love in this highly anticipated production from the locally based theatre company.

Created specifically for 126 Gallery space, the piece takes on a new life under the direction of Kieron Smith. Smith says of the piece: “It’s an invitation to step into the shoes of another. For me 4.48 Psychosis has always being rooted in love. Its Kane’s love of life that shines bright amongst the fragmented world she presents us as creatives and audience alike.”

The piece has arresting performances by two emerging performers from NUIG’s drama students, Aoife Delaney Reide & Anna Doyle, both hotly tipped for ISDA nominations this year. Composer David McEntee has also kindly created a soundscape and original composition specifically for the piece making this one of the most anticipated local theatre productions for Galway audiences so far this year.

This will be newly formed WestWorks Theatre Company’s premier production in advance of a program of events both nationally and internationally throughout 2018/2019.

“Psychosis 4.48” will run from April 16 to 21 — you can get more information here!