Well, Wholly Cow: a new burger joint comes to Newcastle!

Is there anything better than a really good burger? Galway’s gone burger-mad and Wholly Cow Burgers are the latest and greatest, opening in Newcastle this month.

Their succulent eight-ounce patties are made from Galway-reared beef and served in a homemade brioche

Galway-reared cows make for a succulent 8oz patty, served in a homemade brioche bun. Toppings and such will be simple, because anything else is unnecessary — their beef is just that good! Head Chef and co-owner Val pickles veg and makes his very own signature sauces to compliment every palette.

Wholly Cow Burgers will open in Newcastle this January and with it comes a serious nod to local, fresh, no bullsh*t food. Just really good burgers served with chips cut in front of you, in house.

The menu will be simple: five burgers (one veggie of course) and fresh cut chips. The entire menu is Irish with more than 90% coming from Galway alone. The meat and bread are all Galway, with a range of Irish cheeses from around the country playing a starring role.

Their signature Wholly Cow burger is an 8oz patty with Val’s pickles, Irish cheese, beef tomatoes and a drizzle of the Wholly Cow signature sauce, all nestled between a freshly baked brioche bun and a side of chips — an instant classic!

Wholly Cow Burgers will be open 7 days a week from 12 noon until 9pm. Its Newcastle makes it ideal for students, NUIG staff, UHG staff and of course anyone in Galway who wants a really good burger! Stay tuned to Wholly Cow Burgers on social media to keep up to date with what’s happening, and when you can taste your first Wholly Cow!

Wholly Cow

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