Taking Control of Heart Disease: a free public talk from Croí

Following a new diagnosis of heart disease or after a recent cardiac event, a person is often left confused and may have lost the confidence and/or struggle to get back to work or activities of daily living.

When you are discharged from hospital it’s difficult to know where to turn to for up to date evidence based advice, guidance and information on your condition.

Reducing your cardiovascular risk and thus reducing your risk of a future heart attack or stroke is imperative after your event. Croí Heart and Stroke Foundation in collaboration with the Cardiology Dept. Galway University Hospital are placing an emphasis on assisting and facilitating people to reduce their cardiovascular risk factors and inevitably help them reduce their overall risk for further events including heart attack and stroke by offering a FREE public talk on the 9th April 2018 in Lough Rea Hotel and Spa, Loughrea, Co. Galway entitled “Taking Control of Heart Disease”. The talk will place an importance on understanding your condition, advice on exercising with heart disease and it will explain and describe a cardio protective diet to ensure you can live a healthy life.

Consultant Cardiologist, Dr. Jim Crowley said: “It’s so important to understand your risk factors and engage in behaviour changes to enable you to make changes to live a healthy lifestyle which without doubt will help decrease your future cardiovascular risk”. This public talk is pitched specifically at those who have had recent events including stenting, bypass and valve surgery or for those with known heart disease including heart failure and stable angina.

This talk is being led by consultant cardiologist, Dr. Jim Crowley along with talks from the multidisciplinary team at Croí including Ms. Denise Dunne, specialist cardiac physiotherapist and Ms Suzanne Seery, senior dietitian. The information can help and assist people:

· Manage disease by making healthy lifestyle changes

· Help restore confidence through education, support & specialist advice

· Give advice on improving physical fitness levels

· Advice on returning to work or normal activities of daily living

· Give some advice on the many rehabilitation pathways available to you as a patient

For further information or to book your place for this talk please call Croí on (091) 544310 or book online at www.croi.ie