We’re having the chats with #PeopleofGalway for the craic — messers and chancers, artists and tourists, buskers and shopkeepers, and any other unwitting victims we meet on the street.

#ThisIsGalway “It was my Leaving Cert year, and my teacher for Construction already didn’t like me. I had a parent teacher meeting, and he goes to my Mam ‘I hate your son’. He said to me I’d never become a carpenter, I’d never be able to do this, I’d never be able to do that. So just to spite him for that, because he had no faith in me whatsoever, I said, ‘Fuck you – I’m going to make a guitar.’ He told me I wasn’t allowed to do it, but I told him it was a heritage project. I laid it out that it was one because I based it off the guitar of the frontman of a band from the 1970’s. So I made a relic of this guitar, tracing my work all the way back to the original manufacturing process of guitar making.” “So you built yourself a guitar just to spite your teacher?” “Yeah, it actually turned out quite well – I’m very proud of it!” – Cian, 19

Photo by Ciarán MacChoncarraige