One World Tapestry at Dela Restaurant

The One World Tapestry is a not-for-profit pay as you feel venture that aims to create a space for people to come together through food and experience as an inclusive community while working with asylum seekers to help them use their own skills through volunteering.

Hosted by Blessing Moyo, Chef Alan Gosker and owner Margaret Bohan , There was no set prices for the food which was represented by dishes from around the globe. Guests were invited to pay what they feel, not just for the food but also for the experience and future possibilities.

One World Tapestry hosted this pop up in Dela Restaurant on Monday 13 March with a celebration of food from around the globe.

The pop up celebrated five continents and fed close to 160 people on the night. the food was supported by the award winning Kai Cafe + Restaurant, Papa Rich Street Food, Aroma Foods and De Robertos, whilst of course Blessing showcased the unique flavours of Africa.

The night saw close to 160 people eat in and more whom took food away at the pop up and the crowd were entertained by the energetic ragtime music band- The Invisible Jug Band.

Blessing lived in direct provision for 6 years and was not allowed to cook for her children and felt like she was denied her basic rights as a mother to be able to choose the meals that she wanted to cook for her children. Blessing works closely with Susana Campos from the La Retraite Sister order and as someone living in Galway, she saw that there was no multicultural restaurant where people from all over the world can walk in sit and down together and have a meal and all get a chance to get to know each other.

The ultimate goal is to find a permanent home that will embrace all cultures and religions. Asylum seekers are denied the basic right to cook for their families, to work and to attend third level education. The aim is to highlight the multitude of physical and mental problems this afflicts upon Direct Provision residents by giving them a chance to cook their food and to have people from every walk of life experience an environment safe from fear and hatred.

For more information check out Dela Restaurant or One World Tapestry on all social media channels or phone 091-449252.

Photography by: Anita Murphy

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  1. Ben

    I enjoyed the night, the day this event took place was my wife’S birthday, she went to be with the Lord nearly 11 months ago, I felt what a way to celebrate my wife’s birthday!, it was like my wife must had some connection in this event. Well done Blessing, Alen and Margret, may God continue to bless this project in many amazing ways to bring together the people of Galway and of other places.

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