Namaste! First Yoga Festival happening this April

One of Galway’s foremost Yogi’s Aisling Reidy of Optimum Health is along with some of the country’s most accredited Yoga teachers bringing the first Festival of Yoga to Galway. The festival is running at Esker Monastery in East Galway from Friday 28th to Sunday 30th April 2017. This is a full bed and board festival, so from the Friday to the Sunday, attendees will stay on site at Esker.

The three day festival will allow you to nourish the mind, body and soul with a host of different styles and types of yoga from the absolute beginners to advanced, to deeply spiritual, to mindfulness and meditation.

There will be a variety of yoga styles coming from traditions based in the North & South of India. Including Hatha yoga, Ashtanga, Flow, Iyegar, Gentle and Acro.

Some of the teachers include Paul and Katrina Hardiman from An Seomra Yoga (Galway), Colin Callinan teaching Ashtanga and meditation, Andrew Hassett teaching Bhagavad Gita and Hatha yoga.

The weekend will see Optimum Health bringing an awareness of mindfulness and psychotherapy to the practice. There will also be special additions to the weekend with funky dance workshops, Thai massage training and Des Richmond Kinesiologist and Life Coach.

“It has all the ingredients for a fantastic getaway to awaken the heart, relax the mind, restore and rejuvenate the body. One of the highlights is 5 Rhythms. For those of you who love to dance, we will create nights to remember with music and dance from all over the globe. Using dance as a meditation and also a space to let go and connect to the beat,” said Aisling Reidy from Optimum Health.

Along with the Yoga teachings, there will be Massage therapies, Kinesiology with Des Richmond, Sustainable Living with Aitor Cullinan all happening throughout the weekend.

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The Galway Festival of Yoga is €250 for the full weekend which includes all food and board. Or buy a one day ticked for €95 (This does not include accommodation).

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  1. Gabriel

    Hi, We recently opened a Holistic Centre in Galway City and we are looking for Yoga Teachers please if you know anyone interested can you give them my contact, thanks.

  2. Ken

    Well done Aisling,
    I AM just now arrived back from Rishikesh, India and delighted to see such an Awesome event happening. Good Luck, Om Namah Shivaya XXX Ken

  3. Aisling Reidy

    Hi Jans, the event is not really suitable for children. We arent against them, but dont have anyting for them to do. If you felt that she would really like to go and be around the adults and that this was good for you both, then its up to you if you wnat to bring her.

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