Kevin Duffy brings 30 years of Galway’s music scene to the stage

Kevin Duffy’s ‘Salthill Nights: Songs and Stories of a Mis-Spent Life’ is coming to Massimo this month. It’s part live gig, part chats and stories. If you also (mis)spent your youth in the old haunts of Salthill, you won’t want to miss this throwback night.

Kevin Duffy is something of a Galway legend, having played with all Galway’s best-loved bands, including Shattered Ego, The Nest, Love Biscuit and The Saw Doctors. He’s been on the scene for thirty years and for one night only, he’s going to share an insider’s look at Galway’s music scene through the years.

July 13, 8pm @ Massimo — Dinner bookings 091 582239


Where did the idea for the show come from?

Not too long ago I was offered a support slot, opening for Chris Difford from Squeeze and I jumped at the chance, having been a huge Squeeze fan from an early age. When I told the lads in the Blue Note that I was to be doing the gig, Éanna, (barman in the Blue note and member of the great Tuam band ‘Oh Boland’) said, “Well you’ll want to do a warm-up gig for it here then.” I loved the idea.

So I was trying out my songs with a very small audience in the Blue Note and explaining a bit about the backgrounds to the songs and the different bands I had written and played with over the years. I think Malachy, the manager liked the idea and suggested I do a show in Massimo, but veer more towards the stories. It sounded like an interesting idea for a show, and so here we are.

What will the show include?

The show shall be a mixture of songs and some reminiscences about the times in which the songs were written, some of the things that happened to give rise to those songs and the people with whom I worked while writing them. Also some of the weird and wonderful things that happen to those who choose to live a life as a working musician.

What kind of ‘stories’ will you be sharing? Any particular favourites?

I wouldn’t like to give too much away, but some of my favorite stories involve the very first band in which I played, a punk-rock band based in Salthill in the 80s. We went by the glorious name of ‘Shattered Ego’. Also some of the crazy things that happen when you work in theatre. As a musician you are an outsider, so you can view things differently to say, an actor. A musician working in theatre will always feel vindicated by knowing that one will never be as insane as an actor.

Who have been some of your favourite musicians to play with over the years in Galway?

Again, I don’t wish to give too much away, you’ll have to come along to Massimo on Friday the 13th of July to find out! I can say that I have had the great pleasure of playing with some great musicians throughout my so-called career, and it is hard to pick favorites. I have played with Punks, Mods, Rockers, Country & Western musicians, Jazz musicians, Rhythm & Blues heads, Disco and Funk fiends. Even Classical types. We are, I think, no different from on another. We all badly need therapy.

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