Galway Film Fleadh announce 2018 Nominees for Bingham Ray New Talent

The Galway Film Fleadh is proud to announce the five nominees for the 2018 Bingham Ray New Talent Award. This year’s nominees have been shortlisted for their work in the fields of Directing, Acting and Producing.

Bingham Ray, throughout his career at October films, United Artists and Sidney Kimmel, always managed to block off the week to attend the Fleadh annually. From the early Claddagh Palace days, he witnessed our passion for film, drive and independent spirit, and recognising it as his own, became our greatest stalwart. Bingham gave so much of his time to mentoring filmmakers over the years at the Galway Film Fair, listening, advising, believing and encouraging. The Irish film community benefited hugely from Bingham’s wealth of knowledge across the complete spectrum of the film industry and the many friendships that he made along the way is a testament to his generosity in sharing his experience.

The inaugural Bingham Ray New Talent Award was given to Gerard Barrett by Bingham’s daughters, Annabel and Becca, for Pilgrim Hill, which went on to worldwide success.

Galway Film Fleadh

The Nominees for 2018 are:

Martin Beirne (Director, Around Here)

Around Here is a rural coming-of-age drama in which Michael Murray faces down school bullies, isolation and a dysfunctional family to find community, love and confidence.

Around Here– Friday 13thJuly | Town Hall Theatre | 16:00

Aislinn Clarke (Director, The Devil’s Doorway)

The Devil’s Doorway is a found footage horror film set in the autumn of 1960. Father Thomas Riley and Father John Thornton were sent by the Vatican to investigate a miraculous event in an Irish home for “fallen women”. They uncovered something much more horrific however, as their attention turned to a 16-year-old pregnant girl exhibiting signs of demonic possession.

The Devil’s Doorway – Wednesday 11thJuly | Town Hall Theatre | 22:30

Brian J. Falconer (Producer, The Dig)

The Dig is a Northern Irish thriller about a man convicted of murder, who returns home to find the victim’s father still searching for the body on his land.

The Dig– Saturday 14thJuly | Town Hall Theatre | 22:30

Jordanne Jones (Actor, Metal Heart)

A teen drama about two estranged sisters, home alone for their last summer together before adulthood beckons.

Metal Heart– Saturday 14thJuly | Town Hall Theatre | 18:00

Viko Nicki (Director, Cellar Door)

The debut feature drama from the director who took home the Best Documentary award in 2013, Cellar Door is about a woman racing from young love to tortured loss and back again, as she searches for her son while in the grip of the Church.

Cellar Door– Friday 13thJuly | Town Hall Theatre | 20:00

The winner of the 2018 Bingham Ray New Talent Award will be announced at the Closing Night Awards Ceremony of the 2018 Galway Film Fleadh at 6:30pm on Sunday July 15th.

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