Vegan Potluck

It’s simple – just bring some vegan food to share – it can be homemade or shop bought, as long as it’s vegan!

That means no meat, eggs, dairy, honey etc.

We charge €3 in to cover the cost of renting the venue and for general potluck supplies like plates, napkins etc. It’s great value because you’ll get a huge variety of vegan food and there’s free tea and coffee too 🙂 There’s no entry fee for under 16s.

But don’t worry – if the weather is crap there will be plenty of tasty food inside and now we have a microwave to heat it up 🙂

You don’t have to be vegan to attend the event – just make sure you ONLY bring vegan food. There is always an amazing variety of food – if you think vegans only eat lettuce you will be in for a shock! A delicious shock…