Rusangano family workshop and gig for young people

Free workshop & gig for young people with the RUSANGANO FAMILY

Ahead of their event in the Roisín Dubh, Rusangano Family will do a gig and workshop specifically for teenagers and young people in Nun’s Island Theatre.

The workshop, which does not require any experience, will explore artistic expression in hip hop, rap and electronic music. The aim of this workshop is to build awareness and respect of cultural diversity through music, interaction and collaboration between members of the group is encouraged.

Rusangano Family is a hip hop trio based in Limerick, producing music that mixes a global variety of cultures and traditions. Consisting of two MCs (God Knows and MuRli) and one DJ (MynameisjOhn) their music examines issues such as identity and belonging. Rusangano Family don’t conform to the styles associated with their respective backgrounds. Instead of struggling with the idea of being different, they celebrate it.

With a reputation for energetic, audience-engaging shows the trio are quickly heading towards international stardom. In March this year they won the Choice Music Prize for their album ‘Let the Dead Bury the Dead’ beating off competition from artists such as The Divine Comedy and Lisa Hannigan.

This event is limited to 40 places so booking is essential. This workshop is for people ages 12 – 18 years only.

Please email or call Maeve on 091 565886 for bookings and information

Supported by the Roisín Dubh & Galway City Council