November Vegan Potluck

Galway Vegan Potlucks are getting really popular so for that reason we will be moving to a new bigger venue for out November potluck – the Kitchen Café! It’s simple – just bring some vegan food to share – it can be homemade or shop bought, as long as it’s vegan.

That means no meat, eggs, dairy, honey or other animal products such as whey or gelatine etc. Please double check the ingredients list on any ingredients you use or any shop-bought food you are bringing to the potluck.

You don’t have to be vegan to attend the event. We have a strict no food, no entry policy. It’s only fair on the other guests if everyone contributes something to the meal.

Entry fee is €3 – this covers the cost of renting the venue and potluck supplies. No entry charge for under 16s.

Free tea/coffee with a choice of plant based milks.

Microwave available to heat up food.

This month, our goal is to generate as little waste as possible. We won’t be using any plastic plates or cutlery and we ask that guests are mindful of the waste they generate when participating in the potluck and try to keep it to a minimum.

So come along and eat some delicious food with some friendly vegans! 🙂