Red Bull Galway Cliff Diving from the fabled Serpent's Lair

This year, Red Bull is hosting two legendary events in Ireland. The first is Neymar Jr’s Five, and the second is Red Bull Cliff Diving.

What are these events, and what makes them so excited? Let us tell you…

The Neymar Jr Five is a five-a-side football tournament. The games are fast-paced and tactical: for every point your five-person team scores, the opposite team loses a player. The game lasts ten minutes, or until one team has no players left. In Ireland, the qualifying tournaments take place through April. One five-person team will go to international finals in Brazil – sounds like a pretty good time.

Follow the Neymar Jr 5 progress HERE

The second event is Red Bull Cliff Diving. This year, the Cliff Diving is coming to the island of Inis Mór, off the coast of Galway. World-class competitors will dive into the Serpent’s Lair, a rectangular swallow hole or ‘blowhole’ in the ground, like a deep swimming pool which spurts ocean water as the tide rises. Inis Mór is the first stop on the world tour — read more about it HERE

Address : The Wormhole, Inis Mor, Arna Islands, Co. GalwayPhone :

Hours : 11th June 2017: 11am - 10pm


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