9 things to do in Galway this weekend

Dance, drink, read, eat, have fun. Every weekend in Galway is a good weekend — here’s the story with this one.

1. Solemnly swear to get up to no good at the Harry Potter Pub Crawl

Starting from Coyote’s at 7pm, this magical tour will continue through some of Galway’s best pubs and clubs. The Butterbeer will be flowing and you better come in your best fancy robes. You get House Points for not choking on your shots.

Friday, 10 March // 7pm // Coyote’s // more here

2. Test out the Latin Quarter’s new gin bar

I mean, it will definitely be great. Tigh Nora is popping up just around the corner from Sonny Molloy’s on Cross Street. It looks like it will be cosy and maybe a little bit fancy — but we’ll have to wait and find out! The bar opens officially Friday afternoon so get down there and check it out. Mmmm, gin.

3. Watch Ireland pummel Wales in the Six Nations

The game kicks off at 8.05pm, and Massimo will have it up on all their screens, with tashty food served til 10pm. It’s the perfect way to kick off the weekend!

Friday, 10 March // 8pm // Massimo

4. Dance dance dance and support the PRIDE Festival

Club GASS are teaming up with PRIDE on Saturday night to bring you a night of great entertainment, and to raise money for this year’s Pride Festival. Mr. Pussy, Dixie Normous, Donatella D’Burqa, Lily Venom, Martin Beanz Warde plus others will take the stage to bring you fun and laughs and INERTIA? will help you dance you pants off into the early hours!

Saturday, 11 March // 9pm // Roisin Dubh // more here

5. Get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather

It’s going to be 12 degrees and sunny this weekend, so get outside and enjoy it. Maybe a few cans on the Sparch? Call it pre-season training.

6. Break out your jazz hands for Killer Joe’s Jazz Club

The Galway Jazz Quarter are returning to Monroe’s on Sunday for their monthly jazz club. The quartet play everything from laid back instrumentals to up beat Bob Jazz mingled with some of the great standard tunes. If you’re a fan of jazz, you’ll love this.

Sunday, 12 March // 8pm // Monroe’s Live // more here

7. Enjoy fresh Japanese seafood at Kappa-Ya

Fresh, local fish sets Kappa-Ya apart as one of the best Japanese dining experiences around. Their chef uses only fish caught that morning, wild — so food is made in small portions, but it’s so good. They do really great sushi and even make their own tofu. You can also grab some teriyaki chicken, or a deep-fried breaded tofu burger if seafood isn’t your thing.

4 Middle Street, Galway // more here

8. Showcase how great you are at Open Mic Night

Whether you are a comedian, dancer, opera-singer, magician, singer-songwriter, Bruce Willis look-a-like or anything else for that matter…. Head in and hone your talents at Open Night at Roisin Dubh. Everyone is given attention, support, and some room to do their thing.

Sunday, 12 March // 9pm // Roisin Dubh // more here

9. Head up to MADRA to volunteer and play with the dogs

If you’ve a few hours to spare and a ride to get you there, head up to Camus, Connemara. MADRA’s puppy headquarters are there, and you’re always welcome to take the dogs for a walk and give them some belly-rubs. Be sure to call ahead and organise a time. They’re open Saturdays and Sundays from 12-4 for visitors. (Pictured: Toffee, and he’s looking for a forever home!)

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