65 Roses Coffee Afternoon and Raffle at 56 Central

Two years ago, together with my dear friend Eva Davin, we held the first 65 Roses Coffee Afternoon for Cystic Fibrosis Galway. With support from some amazing sponsors​ and local press, we raised just over €4k for this local organisation. ​

It was a crazy memorable day, even getting Eva up that stairs in 56 Central was a battle (for her, with CF hindering her lung function & being on Oxygen at the time!) but she was determined! ​

Later that summer, sadly, my dear Eva who lived with Cystic Fibrosis for 32 short years sadly passed away. This was a huge, indescribable loss to me and all of our community. ​Eva was a powerhouse, she was a force of nature, she never let CF stop her from doing anything in life. A true inspiration. ​

This year for Cystic Fibrosis Week or “65 Roses” week, I’m hoping to hold the 2nd ’65 Roses Coffee Afternoon’ in her honour. Once again, 56Central will be the location for the event and I ​will be holding another BIG raffle too!​ Once again, my gorgous Galway community have rallied around to help with sponsorship & prizes. The likes of The g Hotel, the Connacht Hotel, The Front Door, The Galway Bay Hotel, Hair Republic, Amber Giftshop, Inkfingers Tattoo, The Galmont Hotel, OConnells, TGO Falafel, Ground & Co, Mr Waffle have all gotten invloved and gievn amazing prizes!! But the BIG NEWS is the 2 x Ed Sheeran tickets which will be our top prize on the day!

All proceeds from this event will go directly to the Cystic Fibrosis Hospital Galway fund. The CF Galway Hospital Fund improving the lives of people with Cystic Fibrosis in Galway and adding facilities to their specialised hospital rooms and ward in UCHG. Cystic Fibrosis is a tough condition to live with for patients and family but CF Galway Hospital Fund does a huge amount to help.
They have fully funded through fundraising, the building of three adult rooms exclusively for Cystic Fibrosis patients and partially funded a new pediatric unit for outpatients clinic. They also work tirelessly to improve the time spent in the hospital for patients; which can often be weeks at a time.

​I have such personal ties to CF Galway, as I see the work they do and I see just how they work to make the lives of people living with CF in Galway City & County a little bit easier. ​I want to continue to advocate for CF Galway for this reason.

Saibh Egan, organiser


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