11 Annoying Posts You’ll See About “Getting Back In Shape” This January

Carrie Buggins of Carrie Small Plate Health and Fitness shares her insight, as a personal trainer, on the worst kinds of New Year fitness posts on social media… Are you guilty?

As a Personal Trainer, I often use social media as a medium for promoting my business, getting my name out there and generally helping me to get clients. But I have made MANY mistakes with posting online in the last few years, especially when it comes to the deluge of January posts.

And I’ve realised a lot of these mistakes from seeing other posts popping into my feed at this time of year. January is bleugh enough without us trainers preying on the “January blues” to guilt everyone to get back in shape! Well, no more! I’ve been stoically quiet online the last few weeks (no easy feat, let me tell ya!) but I’ve seen a LOT of posts that I know grind my gears now. Apologies to anyone who’s used/is using these posts – believe me, I’m guilty of using them too.

But I think we’re all sick of them now – whaddya think?


New Year, New You!
“YES! It is a new year – and in the space of 24 hours between 2017 and 2018, I’m going to have a complete mental shift, I’ll get rid of all the obstacles that had stopped me exercising over the holidays (bar opening and closing the fridge door), I’ll only buy food that is the color green and I’ll be a NEW ME!!”
Until the first week of January is over, when we realize that we’re still the same person, and instead of accepting it we delve back into the loving arms of the fridge. Ah well, there’s always Monday…


Summer Bodies Are Made In The Winter
It’s only SIX BLOODY MONTHS til summer – still, that seemingly interminable time frame is the ideal one to latch onto, in order for me to start that exercise regime that I literally just decided to do (in my mind) because I saw it on Facebook under a “Summer Bodies Are Made In The Winter” meme.

Carrie Small Plate
All Of The Hashtags
#2018goals #fitness #EatClean #BeastMode #SupermodelInTraining #Ripped #Hello2018 #HelloAbs #SeenOnMyRun #Motivation #NoPainNoGain #FitFam #Vegan #GlutenFree #EverythingFree #IOnlyEatAir #DustDiet #AVOCADO #Courgetti #Fitspo #SquatTilYouDrop #Gainz #SmugPic #DetoxToTheMax
Hashtags – I love to hate them…

Me Going To The Gym After The Holidays Like…
This is a meme, with text along the lines of “Me Going To The Gym After The Holidays Like…” over an image of a waddling, blubbery mammal.
These always make me laugh – as if a few days away from the gym is going to turn you into a blubbering whale of fat. Then I get annoyed, because I feel like a waddling, blubbery mammal because I haven’t been to the gym in a week… Damn you, accurate meme who can read my deepest thoughts…

New Workout To Get In Shape In 2 ½ Minutes
Welcome to Fad-ville – Population: All of us!
None of us wants to spend hours pounding the pavement or going to the gym to lose a few pounds or get back in shape. But these empty promises of 6-packs or a backside up under your shoulder blades by just working out 6 minutes every week are a load of you-know-what. Still though, maybe this one is different….

Accept Your Body (But Lose 20 Pounds)
This is usually accompanied by a before/after picture of someone who has lost weight/toned up/transformed their body. And is probably from a trainer trying to sell someone into their program.
But it’s such a mixed message. It’s neither telling you to lose weight to get healthy, nor telling you that carrying some extra weight is ok. What does it even mean?!?

TBT Myself Looking Awesome
“Just a TBT my holidays in June, when I was on the beach and someone took an unusually flattering photo of me, and I hardly worked out at all then but I need to keep that motivation for getting in shape now so that I can use it again for next January’s TBT photo to motivate myself by looking at myself. Don’t I look awesome!? And doesn’t that motivate you too??!”
If you really look that awesome, you’re not trying to motivate others. You kinda just want to show off how great you looked.
Which is fine – I’ve no problem with that. Just be honest – post the pic and write “Don’t I look AWESOME?? End of message”

Carrie Small Plate
Motivational Quotes!
“Is it the junk food you want right now, or the body you’ve wanted forever? – You choose”
“Don’t wish for a good body, work for it”
“Sweat is just fat crying”
“When you feel like quitting, remember why you started”
“A year from now, you’ll wish you had started today”

There’s No Such Thing As Bad Weather, Only Bad Clothing
“I love to get out in the fresh air, I don’t care what the weather is like. There’s me and my better half on Mount this week – we didn’t let the status orange gale warning put us off. We just love the outdoors!”
Yep, and it didn’t take 156 photos to get the only one where you look like you’re mid-hurricane and your hair is blinding your poor partner while you had to half-skid, half-fall back down the mountainside in sodden clothes and shoes. Yep, the good clothes made ALL the difference!

Join The Gym For Just €12 PER MONTH (that you’ll never use)
Discounts, discounts everyone – let me join them ALL.
“Sure if I just sign up and pay, that’s me done. I’ll feel better for a few days in the comfortable duvet of lies I tell myself that I’ll go to the gym every day (starting next week) and I’ll be down a stone by February. But hang on, that gym is actually a bit out of the way…. Oooh look, that one is on the way to work. And it’s only €5 per class with a €20 registration. I’ll just sign up for this one…”
Don’t fool yourself! Buy a decent pair of runners and a raincoat, and keep them permanently in your car or by your front door. And stop giving us free money!!

“I just did MY Workout”
(I’m guilty of this one)
Yep, this one I still do – I think it’s an addiction! While I might try to convince myself that I’m motivating others, I’m really just being that pain-in-the-backside who’s showing off by letting you know that they did THEIR workout. So you’ll feel bad about not exercising, and I can be smug…
I’ll work on doing this less in 2018 – I promise. #2018goals #BeLessSmug

If you have any posts that drive you mad in January, we’d love to hear them! You can read more from Carrie at CarrieSmallPlate.com or find her on social media (where she’s definitely not posting any of the above!)

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